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The Shreveport area, tucked away in the northwestern tip of the state, is home to some of Louisiana's most popular tourist destinations, including Baton Rouge, Lafayette and New Orleans. The city has an endless selection of restaurants, each specializing in a wide variety of dishes from around the world, all while still lending the cuisine a Mediterranean charm. I # ve found that this fantastic destination in the south was the most palatable I had encountered in all of southern Louisiana.

Try the buttock boy, which is littered with buttocks boys, or the famous stuffed prawns and fish dipped in the restaurant's legendary tartare sauce. They do their best to impress and delight the palate with a wide variety of dishes, from the most delicious seafood to the best seafood in town.

Kim also serves crayfish and egg rolls, which are pretty good, and Bozz serves some of the best shrimp and grains in Shreveport, as well as a variety of other seafood dishes.

At a time when it's getting harder to get free chips and salsa, there's no better place to make chips in Shreveport than the Superior Grill, the only one of its kind in town. With the right twist to reinvent the tortilla margaritas that flow abundantly, the Superior Grill is the place for you.

With a terrace overlooking the Red River, the SALT, which is attached to the new Shreveport Aquarium, offers a nice lunch by the river in the sun. The range of outdoor adventures is great to spend the day with, whether you're on a leash or not, from kayaking to canoeing to hiking and fishing, the choice and outdoor adventure is always great.

This dish is crispy calamari fried to perfection and served with a sweet chili sauce and somehow manages to retain its crispness in a spicy garlic broth, the combination of taste and texture is delicious - watery. Shreveport - Bossier is not to be visited without stopping at Mofongo's, one of the city's most popular restaurants. The place is famous for its fried shrimp sandwich with butterflyfillets, served on toasted French bread, which is a perfect accompaniment to a side salad or as an appetizer to the main course.

If you've consumed so much fried food that you feel like a visit to a cardiologist might be appropriate, head to Louisiana to see the Fed instead. The cheerful vegans will put you right straight away, but when you consume so many fried foods, do you feel like a cardiologist again?

If you're visiting Shreveport, skip the fast food and check out this insider's tip about the best food in Sh Reveport. Check out our impressive list of the best restaurants as Southern TravelingMom steps out for dinner on her way to Shriveport Louisiana. Of all the restaurants we've visited in Bossier City and Shoreditch, this one is at the top of our list. Next time you are in Shreveports, take a look at these restaurants and let us know what your experience was like!

If you want to try Thai curry noodles, there is no better place to get acquainted with this tasty side of Asia. Many of these restaurants are eager to satisfy your appetite for world cuisine and the taste of the South. This list will surely delight all palates with food from the Shreveport / Bossier City area.

So make sure you enter the correct location into your GPS, these are two different restaurants, but it is also a superior steakhouse for a fine dining experience.

He's a master of Chicago grill and everything you need in this restaurant is spectacular. Chef Harvey is known as one of the best steakhouse chefs in New Orleans and also as a great chef in the world.

I was in awe of the top-notch food combinations and would eat every single item on the menu. This restaurant lives from Creole recipes handed down through the generations and prepared by grandmothers. The Cush grocery store has a bed of salad mix that you can scoop up, and inside there is a small restaurant that I think has the best selection of fresh fruits and vegetables in Shreveport, as well as a wide selection of wines.

Silver Star Smokehouse also offers appetizers such as the Armadillo's Eggs, which is one of the best appetizer options in Shreveport, as well as a variety of other delicious dishes. This restaurant is characterized by classic Southern barbeque, an aspect that, along with a wide selection of wines, catapults it to the top of my list of favorite restaurants in the city.

If you want to continue to be pampered, you can opt for the print - cooked ribs (brisket), served with a grill on the edge, a classic Creole. After a spicy margarita with freshly squeezed lime juice, we went to hand - tortillas and a variety of other dishes.

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